Tuesday, February 24, 2009


   Convention Season is upon us!  If you are in San Francisco at the Wonder-Con, come on by and visit the E-VILLE PRESS Booth (# 920)...Ted Mathot and I will be there with our books, DVD's and original artwork...See you there!


james_oshea3 said...

Hey Derek!
It was a pleasure to finally meet you. I really enjoy both of your books I picked up at WonderCon. And thanks for the amazing sketches as well! Thanks very much. Oh yea, that blog site I gave you is actually:
creatureartists.blogspot.com instead of creaturedesigns/blogspot. sorry. May I link your site to my blog?
Take care,
-James O'Shea

Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,
It was great meeting you at Wondercon. My name is Régis and I'm a story artist and filmmaker. I directed this film http://www.herlionsjump.com and it was playing at the children's film festival at the con. Anyway, the artwork on your blog is great, and your monster annual books are a lot of fun. If you'd like to check some of my work, come by my blog:

Also, great post about Kaiju Anatomy and their influence on your work. I'd love to read more about it on your upcoming posts.

Slightly Imperfect Role Model for Superheroes and Other Super Things ("Have no fear, imagination is here!") said...
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