Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

One of my favorite books growing up was WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, the beloved children's classic by Maurice Sendak.
  I couldn't be more excited about the upcoming film adaptation by Spike Jonez...especially in light of the images that have been released along with this magical TRAILER.  


Semi-Imperfect Role Model for Superheroes and Other Super Things ("Have no fear, imagination is here!"©) ♡™ said...

Wow!!!! "Where the Wild Things Are" is my absolute favorite children's story, even better than Seuss!! ...Check out the bite taken from the tree in the lower right corner of the poster!! : ) Oh I'm so excited!!!!!


Can I ask a question about your storyboarding DVDs? When are the sequels coming? Do you prefer to use FCP or After Effects to create a "motion" storyboard [I'm unsure of the exact terminology]? Are there any special tricks or tips to transferring PS comps into FCP/After Effects (I'm completing a small spec project this week)?

Oh, speaking of which...this sounds off the wall but I'd like to "apply" to be a story artist for Sergei Bodrov's sequels to Mongol, and, his treatment of the travels of Marco Polo. Can you share any suggestions as to how to apply for a freelance position as a storyboard/preproduction artist? I think I can get in contact with him/his production company, but, what would be the best approach to use? In addition to a visual portfolio with storyboard examples, are there any tips covering this kind of cold-calling freelance solicitation? Is such an approach occasionally used by professional storyboard artists when they hear of films they would like to work on?

Thanks for your advice. Your DVD is one of the most inspirational, professional, and useful Gnomon distributes...congratulations.

Kristen McCabe said...

yes, I can't wait for this film to come out.

James Baker said...

the anticipation is tasty