Thursday, July 31, 2008

Conceptual Storyboarding DVD

I have a brand new DVD from the Gnomon Workshop !

This is the first in a series of DVD's about StoryBoarding that I'll be producing for them.

I have some copies available for sale, but you can also order the DVD directly from Gnomon.

More info is available at their site:


Emma said...

No screening? Even for the interns?

Also, I am so happy that you are blogging. I'm sure you have stacks and stacks of sketches to post, and I can't wait to see em.

tomnel said...

Thanks! I bought the digital download. it was worth it just to find out about the layer comps! But also a great breakdown of the process, great stuff!

Matt said...

I got my copy at freakin' comic con! Worth every cent. Thanks Derek!

Unknown said...

Sir, I just got your dvd the other day really, really great stuff. Cant wait for more.

nada424 said...

I really loved the DVD. Will the series continue?