Thursday, December 3, 2009


I've finally wrapped up work on a new batch of monster paintings !!
These are for the upcoming ROOT BRANCH Winter Art Exhibit  at MAVERIX STUDIOS...some of these beasts have been lingering in my studio in an unfinished state for well over a year, so it feels really, REALLY good to finish them!  

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CTN Animation Expo

I'll be attending the CTN Animation Expo this weekend, doing some LIVE monster-drawing demonstrations as well as participating in a PIXAR Story Panel.  If you are in the LA/Burbank area and you are a fan of Animation, this might be the show for you.  My schedule is as follows:

-Demo #1 : Friday @ 6pm
-PIXAR Story Panel : Saturday @ 12pm
-Demo #2 :Sunday @ 10am
There are many other Demos, Speakers, Panels and Screenings listed on the CTNX  site...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Anatomy Of Japanese Folk Monsters

I just can't get enough of these ANATOMICAL DRAWINGS of various monsters from Japanese Folklore.  These are from a book called YOKAI DAIZUKAI by manga artist Shigeru Mizuki. I want this book!!!


These days, illustrated film posters are increasingly rare. So, in celebration of this diminishing art form, here's a GREAT collection of 100 illustrated posters for horror films: PART ONE and PART TWO.

Friday, October 16, 2009

APE 2009

Here's an awesome Polish PLANET OF THE APES poster to celebrate this weekend's convention, APE 2009-! If you've never been the the ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO before, it's definitely worth a look. Ted and I will be situated at Table #267-!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Corben Ape Thing

Love this little Richard Corben panel from an 1974 TARZAN strip he did...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

even more ERAGON creeps...

more ERAGON creeps...

Some of the development drawings that preceded the artwork from my earlier ERAGON post...


Here's a recently finished commision based on Dave Sim's CEREBUS THE was especially fun to do since i'd never really drawn a finished CEREBUS piece before-!

Friday, September 4, 2009


   I will be on vacation in KAUAI until September 16th.  I can't quite decide which of these KONG faces better describes the feeling ...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

SITHISIS: Visual Development

Back in 2004-2005,  I did a 14 page story for STAR WARS: VISIONARIES, a graphic novel designed and created with fellow artists from the EPISODE III Art Department.  We were given more or less free rein to do our own take on our favorite Star Wars characters.  With DARK HORSE set to publish, and LUCASFILM'S blessing, we all set out to create our stories. 


I wanted to do a piece centered on the Dark Lord of the Sith, PALPATINE, and I wanted it to give the reader a glimpse of some arcane and secret Sith Ritual. 

 I had lots of fun coming up with ideas and possibilities,  generating a bunch of sketches and designs.  I was even able to arrange a phone interview with Ian McDiarmid, who portrayed Emperor Palpatine in the films, and discuss with him some of his impressions and ideas he had about the character.  He was very gracious and insightful, and complimentary of my approach and the drawings I'd done...

ERAGON creeps

Here are some creature designs I did for the feature film adaptation of the popular fantasy novel, ERAGON back in 2005...I got called in specifically to take a pass at the RA'ZAC, ringwraith-like meanies who pursue the boy hero.  The major brief from director Stefen Fangmeier was to avoid visual parallels to the Lord of the Rings villains, so I took them in another direction.  This was a fun bit of design work, and the last bit of pure freelance that I did before I started work on WALL-E in the beginning of 2005...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Belated COMIC CON Photos pt.2

This guy gets the prize for the most chilling JOKER costume...scared me right out of focus....

Special E-VILLE Agent Anita Coulter showcases some product with the help of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern...

E-VILLE Booth crew in effect...Ted,  Nina and Stephan help make the magic happen.

Now there's some dedication...Wonder Twin Powers-ACTIVATE!  


This dude gets my vote for Best CON Tee-Shirt.

Belated COMIC-CON Photos

Since  returning from this years Comic-Con, I've been up to the gills in work, so I haven't had a chance to post any photos from the's a sample of some memorable moments:

Here's our booth...Ted at the ready...

The Convention floor was pretty much this crowded all 5 days.  An absolute sea of humanity...

Fantastic New School and Old School TRANSFORMERS costumes!  Bumblebee had a huge mob of fans wherever he went...

POTA crew...awesome!

I've seen more and more elaborate and groovy  STEAMPUNK related costumes in recent years...these two were a couple standouts...

Once again, Jamie and Rhode knock it out of the park as the DISCIPLES OF COMIC BOT!!

   And finally, there was this crazy Furry-Squirrel running around and looking creepy.  I had to get a shot...according to reports I read later, this might actually have been JOHNNY DEPP, roaming the CON floor undercover.  Seriously?...